Our Squads

Our various costume groups organized by movie genre

U.S.S. Imperial Squad 

Our flagship squad, the U.S.S. Imperial Squad features Star Wars characters that are Imperial, Bounty Hunter, Darkside, or any other “bad guy” from that galaxy far, far away.

U.S.S. Rebel Squad

The U.S.S. Rebel Squad is made up of characters from the Rebel Alliance, Resistance, Jedi Order, and other “good guys” from Star Wars.

Future Harry Potter Squad

NOW FORMING: Wizards, witches, muggles, and all characters from the world of Harry Potter.

Future Superhero Squad 

NOW FORMING: Marvel, DC, and other classes of heroes and super villains are being called for this yet to be named superhero squad.

Future Pirate Squad 

NOW FORMING:  Scalawags, scoundrels, and motley marauders of the high seas are being called for this new U.S.S. squad.

Future Fairy Tale Squad 

NOW FORMING: In search of princesses, knights, wizards, and adventurers of all types.